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Sweeper season is here – get ready!

As the Finnish winter gradually begins to give way to spring, bringing asphalt into view again, the first sweepers are already in full swing. However, in Norway, the sweeping season does not start quite so early, and the season’s new equipment may still be under consideration.

In Finland, the most popular models are bucket sweepers and collecting sweepers, whereas in Sweden they mainly rely on rotary brooms with lamellas and collecting sweepers. Norwegians tend to prefer the more traditional rotary brooms, although collecting sweepers are becoming increasingly popular there, too. Even though we are close neighbours, our approach to property maintenance varies quite a lot. But each country ultimately has a mutual need for top-notch sweeping equipment when the season starts.

In other words, preparing for the season requires a deep dive into the world of hydraulic oils and spanners. In addition to other wear parts, the checklist should definitely include lamellas. They should extend to at least 10 centimetres.

Other things to check include blades and the possible wear and tear on the bottom plate and the polyurethane seals of the collecting sweeper. The hydraulic piping must be inspected for leaks. For the watering system, ensure that the tank is not frozen.

STARK sweepers are naturally built to last. The proof lies in the old workhorses with 20-plus years of service that still get spare part requests. We want your machinery to serve you safely, efficiently and as long as possible. Let’s take care of our sweepers with active maintenance!

Maintenance instructions are provided with user manuals. Additionally, STARK maintenance services and your STARK dealer are happy to answer any maintenance related questions you may have.

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New ownership base for Lametal Oy

The company’s key personnel and Canelco strengthen the future. The key personnel of Lametal Oy and Ylä-Savon Pääomarahasto Oy, managed by Canelco Management Oy, have announced that they have signed the acquisition on July 2, 2021.

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