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Up here in our factory at Lapinlahti, Finland, we have been pleased to notice that our machinery is generating quite a bit of positive chatter. This includes our U plow, our articulated plow and our sweepers. And what we keep hearing is that people not only like the quality of the machinery but also the classy design and premium appearance.

We are naturally very happy about the feedback and quite taken by all the compliments. But to be perfectly frank, we are not surprised. We know for a fact that our most popular products, such as the U plow and the articulated plow, along with our runway lightbar sweeper, railway sweeper and other special products, have earned their place in the highly competitive market.

Over the last few years, we have focused on ensuring that our customers have a great experience with us and that each piece of machinery is top-notch in every respect – and maybe even has that little bit of extra something. We do our utmost – and we mean our very utmost – to ensure that our customers’ faces light up with a smile when they get to do their valuable daily work with our machinery. The smile tends to widen when one gets to sit behind the wheel of a machine equipped with a Smooth Motion patent and a U plow wing turning system with two hydraulic cylinders. And when you jump in to operate a collecting sweeper that provides uniquely clean results or a BSW bucket sweeper with large hopper volume, the smile gets ever wider.

When working with big machinery, you are bound to take a hit every now and then. Our After-service ensures that spare parts are delivered in just a couple of days, sometimes even on the same day.

Individuality is what gives us enduring faith in our U, articulated, butterfly and diagonal plows and every other product in our range. We want to ensure that the individual preferences of each and every customer are met. Not to toot our own horn, but we are particularly good at this. We can deliver your machine with a personalized twist – you be the judge: how about these U plows here, painted in our customer’s brand colours?

To stop evolving is to become stagnant. This phrase is our guiding principle. Our diverse range of machinery has evolved from front loader adapters and blade attachments to what it is today. The high-quality technical properties of our Relax plows, sweepers, loading equipment, snow and drag equipment and special products ensure a safe and pleasant working experience. They are sure to bring a smile on your face when you go to work – and quite a wide one at that.


New ownership base for Lametal Oy

The company’s key personnel and Canelco strengthen the future. The key personnel of Lametal Oy and Ylä-Savon Pääomarahasto Oy, managed by Canelco Management Oy, have announced that they have signed the acquisition on July 2, 2021.

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