Strongly chosen - since 1980 - STARK

Together, we are STARK

Coffee and sweet buns. That’s the secret recipe that STARK has been using for years to secure its place at the forefront of machinery development.

Without coffee and sweet buns, it’s fair to say we would not have our biggest and most important seasonal STARK product – the U plow. There would be no articulated plow or heavy-duty scrapers either, not to mention special products like gravel spreaders or railway sweepers – or the Relax or Smooth Motion patent for that matter.

But even the best-brewed coffee or the freshest of sweet buns cannot work miracles alone. For miracles to happen, we grab the coffee and sweet buns and sit down for a moment to share a table with our colleagues. That’s when the magic of collaboration kicks in.

At Lametal Oy, we are strong believers in the power of cooperation. We believe we achieve our best results when working side by side. While one is designing and developing, someone else is welding and others are selling or painting. It takes a team effort to manufacture and develop, to listen to varying viewpoints and embrace everyone’s unique skillset.

We know that teamwork and the ability to listen to one another are the cornerstones of our success in the heavily competed global machinery market. Likewise, we feel that close cooperation with our customers and dealers is vitally important. Based on customer feedback and our experience in the field, and through careful listening and reacting, we have grown over the past 40 years from a small company founded by two friends from Lapinlahti, Finland, into a renowned brand in our industry with our eyes firmly fixed on the global market and export opportunities.

Customized and finalized with customers’ preferences, the unique and versatile STARK products are a culmination of joint product development between us, our dealers and our customers. For these products, each and every one of us has given a unique professional contribution.

And best of all, we are doing this together – over coffee and sweet buns.


New ownership base for Lametal Oy

The company’s key personnel and Canelco strengthen the future. The key personnel of Lametal Oy and Ylä-Savon Pääomarahasto Oy, managed by Canelco Management Oy, have announced that they have signed the acquisition on July 2, 2021.

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