Strongly chosen - since 1980 - STARK


The excellent practical functionality of STARK accessories, the efficiency of work that can be achieved with them and the longevity of the equipment is based on Lametal Oy’s own, strong product development and the patenting of innovations. Continuous investment in the development of technologies ensures that STARK accessories are unique and industry trendsetters not only now, but also in the future.

RELAX - Stark


The RELAX blade system keeps the plow blades locked. The plow´s trace is smooth and the formation of the packed snow is considerably less.
When the blade strikes an obstacle, the blade system lock is released, the blade body turns backwards and the blade passes over the obstacle. This protects the driver, implement and base machine from collision damage.
The plow with the RELAX blade system can be pressed against the plowed surface, which allows removal of the packed snow.

How the RELAX blade system works:

  • The blade body is mechanically locked by three joints (Figure 1.).
  • As the load increases, the lock is released and the blade body makes a rapid and extensive evasive movement (Figure 2.).
  • When the load is released, the spring returns the blade body back to the lock (Figure 1.).
  • The blade release force can be infinitely adjusted by changing the angle of the joints (Figure 3.).

The greater the angle between the joints (Figure 1.), the lighter the lock will open. WHEN TIGHTENING THE NUT the release force DECREASES, WHEN LOOSENING THE NUT the release force INCREASES (Figure 3.).



Patented SMOOTH MOTION wing turning system with two hydraulic cylinders for extremely precise, controlled and wide range of U-plow´s side wings motion. The plow is easy to use and has an excellent work result.

The speed of movement of the side wings and the force of motion are constant throughout the course of motion, without any sudden changes. Easy manageability increases efficiency and security. Wide range of motion facilitates snow collection, stacking and narrow plowing (Figures 1, 2, 3).



FLOATING FRAME -technology gives you a very good working result.
The float closely follows the ground, the sliding plates and the positioning of the float reduce the bouncing of the unit during work. The implement can float vertically and horizontally (Figure 1.) without the implement being controlled by the base machine.

The float is positioned at the implement mount, which also allows the payload of the swivel frame and a good focus on the implement (Figure 2.). The sliding plates are maintenance-free (no lubrication required) and dampen plow bounce (Figure 3.).



PRECISE SPREAD is a technology that can be used to spread anti-slip material very smoothly and accurately.

The hydraulic flow regulator can be used to continuously adjust the rotation speed of the sanding roller and crusher shaft (Figure 1.). The crusher shaft breaks the frozen material and moves it toward the scattering opening (Figure 2.).

The small, spiral-welded sanding roller wear pieces (Figure 2.) provide continuous, smoother, more accurate scattering of the material. The compact design, the motor housing and the bearing arrangement ensure the maximum effective width (Figure 3.). There are fewer pavement areas, and sanding is also possible near wall and narrow spaces.

The compact structure of the sanding roller is leak-proof and even allows the application of flake salt.

900 LINE - Stark

900 Line

Bristles with an increased diameter of 900 mm. Faster and more efficient cleaning. Longer wear life compared to standard 700 mm bristles.

ADS - Stark

ADS -Anti Damage System

The ADS -safety system protects the implement and the driver in the event of a collision.

  • Plow in normal working position, the blade is very cutting (Figure 1.). The blade also easily cuts through surface obstacles and unevenness.
  • In the event of a collision, the ADS -safety device allows the blade to be everted backwards (Figure 2.), causing the plow to rise / jump over the obstacle.



Hydraulic rotary packer (5 wheels) – STARK patent – compacts the loosened soil, preventing drying, dust formation and the appearance of crushed stone on the surface.

Packer hydraulic rotation function, provides high mobility of the grader on narrow dirt roads, in sharp turns and at narrow intersections. If necessary, this function can also increase the working width of the grader.

DBS Dust binding system

The STARK DBS Dust binding system is the most efficient system in the market for containing dust generated while sweeping. A large water tank and high-pressure nozzles with free alignment and placement make the STARK DBS system a unique technology.

The hydraulic high-pressure pump turns water into dense mist, binding the dust generated from the swept surface. The mist also binds fine dust particles and consumes less water while minimising hardened dust accumulation in sweeper structures, decreasing fuel consumption and improving work efficiency.

The DBS Dust binding system enables sweeping in population centres and urban areas where street dust is more hazardous.


GRADER PRESS is an innovative grader blade press mechanism that uses the tractor’s weight to press down on the implement.

The press cylinder is connected to the upper pin of the 3P adapter (image 1), enabling the driver to shift tractor weight onto the grader blade with a cylinder press operation. The GRADER PRESS system also includes a hydraulic push arm (image 2) for adjusting blade engagement while driving.

With the help of both grader blade and tractor weight, the implement is suitable for grading roads in the summer and removing packed snow in the winter.

SLW - Stark


SLW technology allows flipper bucket´s wings to float and bend to the plowed surface (Figure 1.). Suspended wings follow the surface contours for excellent cleaning results.

Large flexibility of the wings allows for greater tilt of bucket, thus more efficient removal of the bpacked snow (Figure 2.).

Stark FIT


The STARK FIT is a tool attachment system that enables quick attachment between different basic machines.

Thanks to carefully designed sizing, the STARK FIT allows the use of more than 50 different adapters on the same implement. This increases the versatility and resale value of the implement.

Due to its rugged dimensions (16 pcs x M 24), it is also suitable for installing the largest implement mounts.


The SWEEPER FLOAT SYSTEM enables perfect sweeping results even on uneven surfaces.

The implement frame is vertically, laterally and longitudinally free-floating (images 1, 2 and 3). The brush roller also floats freely within the implement frame.

These features ensure the best sweeping performance in the world.


Sweeper Float System

Sweeper Float System technology allows the implement to float freely without the implement being controlled by the base machine.

Floating is effected by means of pins, sleeves and floating slots in the implement frame (Figures 1. and 3.). The studs have greasing which improves the rotation of the hardened sleeves and significantly reduces wear. The implement can float freely along the surface in height and lateral direction (Figure 2.).

Sweeper Float System technology also enables longitudinal flotation (Figure 3.).

These features ensure excellent brushing performance.


The SWEEPER GRIP brush press system secures the brush roller to the surface while sweeping, helping it conform to uneven surface profiles.

The adjustable spring mechanism presses the brush roller towards the surface, forcing it to constantly conform to the surface while sweeping. Shock absorbers dampen any bounces in the brush roller. This technology enables excellent sweeping results on any surface.