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STARK Product Guide – Sweeper products

Why choose STARK sweepers?

Long-term experience in manufacturing sweeper products, innovative technical solutions and professional competence in building durable devices with exceptional sweeping efficiency are the cornerstones of our production. Our sweepers are built to last. They are constructed from steel sheets and made into finished products in our workshop by the best in the business and with the latest technology. We use only Finnish manufacturers and contractors wherever possible. As our client, you receive a product that is genuinely Finnish and manufactured by a global operator.

Our goal is to produce sweeper products that make working easier, safer and more efficient. Environmental aspects and sustainability are taken into account in our production, and we actively pursue solutions that e.g. decrease fuel consumption.

Versatile range of sweeper products

STARK Rotary Brooms (RSW-S MODELS)

Versatile and agile STARK rotary brooms clean both large and small areas easily and cost-efficiently, both in the summer and in the winter. The rotary broom can be used on tractors, property management machines and wheel loaders. With its wide 30° swivel angle, it makes cleaning walls, railings and the like a breeze.

STARK Bucket Sweepers (BSW-models)

This uniquely proportioned sweeper cleans vast areas in one go. Devised for cleaning parking spaces, yards, industrial areas, ports and delivery centres, this efficient device is designed for heavy use. The heavy-duty, robust bucket sweepers can be equipped with large hoppers with volumes of up to 3 cubic metres.


Our lower-height model has been specifically designed for tractors, urban sweepers and smaller wheel loaders for the cleaning of streets, yards as well as industrial areas, ports and delivery centres. This model can be equipped with a patented, 360 degree rotary device which provides a perfect result without needing to back up the vehicle. Additional features of the ST model include a PIN FLOAT device and a 900 mm Ecoline lamellas that allow the bucket sweeper to adjust to the surface, improving efficiency and the end result. Supporting rollers with ball bearings (accessory) further improve the result and reduce the wear and tear on the thick standard blades.

STARK Collecting Sweepers (KH-S MODELS)

Quite possibly the only truly collecting sweeper on the market, this is an efficient and eco-friendly solution for cleaning roads, streets and yards. The sweeper can be used on tractors, property management machines and wheel loaders. The optimised design provides good visibility and improves safety, while the side sweeper provides more width which helps with e.g. kerbs. The collecting sweeper picks up all rubbish, providing a nice finishing touch by collecting even the finest particles.

STARK High-Pressure Dust Suppression

Providing improved efficiency, the high-pressure dust suppression system makes your STARK sweeper even more versatile. The system is available for all STARK collecting sweepers and bucket sweepers and for STARK RSW rotary brooms. Reliable, high-quality Dynaset high-pressure water pump creates mist with its high-pressure nozzles, suppressing dust particles with reduced water consumption. This keeps the rubbish lighter, subsequently lowering fuel consumption as well.

STARK High-Pressure Washing Device

STARK high-pressure washing device makes the cleaning of bus stops, traffic dividers and machinery a breeze.

STARK Excavator Sweepers

The STARK excavator sweeper can be attached to excavators, backhoe loaders and other boom-equipped machines for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. The excavator sweeper is also ideal for cleaning railways.

STARK Special Brooms / Other Sweeper Products

  • STARK Lightbar Sweeper
  • STARK Railway Sweeper
  • STARK CRSW Crane Sweeper
  • STARK Rear Sweeper, 2.5 m and 3 m
  • STARK Rear Sweeper, 4.5 m
  • STARK Collecting Sweepers (KH-T models)
  • STARK BSW ASF for collecting milled asphalt with Hardox bucket

Checklist for sweeper buyers:

  • Where is the sweeper used?
  • What is the sweeper used for?
  • What type of machine do you plan to attach the sweeper to?
  • What kind of hydraulics are available in the machine?