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STARK Bucket Sweeper BSW-S model sweeping wood chips
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General information

STARK bucket sweepers are designed for areas where high cleaning power and durability are required of the sweeper unit, such as streets, yards, industrial areas, ports, and sorting centres. 

The bucket sweeper can be used on tractors, property management machines and wheel loaders. 

When driving forward, the bucket sweeper can easily collect larger pieces of trash, such as stones or pieces of board or plastic. 

The operator can finish the job by driving in reverse, when the sweeper collects finer material. 

The STARK bucket sweeper ST-model is specially designed for use on tractors and wheel loaders. 

The ST model comes standard with PIN FLOAT floating. With ball-bearing support rollers  (accessory) that allow the bucket sweeper to follow the surface closely, improving usability and performance. 

The device features 900 mm lamellas as standard, but 700 mm lamellas can also be used, if necessary, for better visibility with small base machines. 

The watering nozzles, which are available as an accessory, can be positioned and directed freely, also behind the sweeper. 

The cleaning efficiency can be further increased with the DYNASET high-pressure system, also available as an accessory, which binds dust efficiently and enables connection of a pressure washer to the bucket sweeper. 

Thanks to its low design, the ST model can also be used with a turning device. 

Operating principle of the Bucket sweeper: 

1) When driving forward, the bucket sweeper easily collects even larger pieces, such as pieces of board, boulders or pieces of plastic. 

2) When driving backwards with the bucket sweeper, you can finish the brushing result by collecting even finer material. 

The long service life of the STARK attachment is guaranteed by the STARK service.

Product data sheet


Applicability of bucket sweepers, ST-models


900 LINE - Stark

900 Line

Bristles with an increased diameter of 900 mm. Faster and more efficient cleaning. Longer wear life compared to standard 700 mm bristles.


Sweeper Float System

Sweeper Float System technology allows the implement to float freely without the implement being controlled by the base machine.

Floating is effected by means of pins, sleeves and floating slots in the implement frame (Figures 1. and 3.). The studs have greasing which improves the rotation of the hardened sleeves and significantly reduces wear. The implement can float freely along the surface in height and lateral direction (Figure 2.).

Sweeper Float System technology also enables longitudinal flotation (Figure 3.).

These features ensure excellent brushing performance.

Stark FIT


The STARK FIT is a tool attachment system that enables quick attachment between different basic machines.

Thanks to carefully designed sizing, the STARK FIT allows the use of more than 50 different adapters on the same implement. This increases the versatility and resale value of the implement.

Due to its rugged dimensions (16 pcs x M 24), it is also suitable for installing the largest implement mounts.

Requirements for hydraulics

Requirements for hydraulics: connection with at least two hoses, at least one double-acting hydraulic block, oil flow must be 40-120 l/min (ST models).

Standard equipment

900 mm SUNLINE lamellas, Saving blades (500 HB), quick-release brush roll, brush roll hydraulic lift, stepless brush height adjustment, plastic fender and bolt-on fender arches in ST model, edge wear pieces (ST model), PIN FLOAT float (ST model) flow control valve, attention label. Several valve options, numerous fitting options, various hydraulic quick couplings.

Additional/optional equipment

Watering system, DYNASET high-pressure dust binding, high-pressure washer, turning device (ST model), support rollers, side brushes, flow limitation valve.



Instruction and service manual