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STARK sweepers are unique and the most efficient machines on the market. Various technologies, including Sweeper Double Floating, as well as high-end technical solutions ensure the best possible cleaning results.

Nearly all our sweepers are also available with regular or extra-powerful high-pressure watering. The power of the high-pressure watering system is based on a high-pressure pump manufactured by Dynaset, with advantages such as lower consumption of water and fuel. And finally, the patented EcoLine wafer brush disc provides a significantly longer lifetime, giving a final touch to the high brush quality.

STARK’s special products include various brushes equipped with cassette bristles (pat. EcoLine) to further increase the clearing properties of the brushing device.

Sweeping - Stock products


STARK High-pressure Dust Binding

STARK High-pressure dust suppression system is designed for professional use. The system makes your STARK sweeper even more versatile and efficient. High-pressure dust suppression system is available for all STARK collecting sweepers and bucket sweepers and STARK RSW rotary sweepers.

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stark puomiharja

STARK Excavator Sweepers

The STARK excavator sweeper can be attached to excavators or other machines with a separate boom, and it can be used to clean hard-to-reach areas such as fence backsides. The excavator sweeper is also ideal for cleaning railways.

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STARK Bucket Sweepers, KAH-ST -models

STARK bucket sweepers are designed for areas where high cleaning power and durability are required of the sweeper unit, such as streets, yards, industrial areas, ports, and sorting centres. The bucket sweeper can be used on tractors, property management machines and wheel loaders.

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Sweeping - Project products

Project products are work machines built based on a client’s demands. Products can be modified for various standard machines or work sites.

The STARK Runway Lightbar Sweeper in action

STARK Runway Lightbar Sweeper

The sweeper can be fitted to wheel loaders or tractor front or rear 3-point linkage. Robust framework made of high-quality structural steel and components from leading European manufacturers ensure reliability, efficiency and durability in operation.

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Backview of the STARK Rear Sweeper 4,5 m

STARK Rear Sweeper 4,5 m

For efficient sweeping of large areas like airports, ports, terminals, industrial sites. For use in utility work machines with featuring a three point hitch. The working width of 4500 mm enables efficient sweeping of large areas.

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STARK takaharjat

STARK Rear Sweepers 2,5 & 3 m

The STARK rear sweeper is designed for use in a tractor back lifting device for stable brushing of, for example, sidewalks, junctions, and skating rinks. The rotational force of the rear sweeper is obtained mechanically from the power take-off (PTO) via the universal joint shafts. The rear sweeper swivels hydraulically 15 °on both sides.

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The STARK Railway Sweeper attachment first picture

STARK Railway Sweeper

The STARK RH 2500 -railway sweeper is designed for fast and efficient snow removal at switches, yards and level crossings. The railway sweeper is attached with a quick-release to the turning device of an excavator or backhoeloader with rail wheels. The rugged body and weight of 1250 kilos bring even more security.

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STARK SB Strip brush is an inexpensive but effective tool for versatile brushing. The brush can be connected from a forklift or small loader to a large wheel loader or excavator.

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