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Snow Clearing

Strong, durable and impressive-looking, the STARK snow removal machines guarantee a good end result even when removing large amounts of snow. The flipper snow bucket is a versatile tool for clearing narrow yards and moving snow. The classic STARK snow blowers, on the other hand, help you clear roads and parking spaces both efficiently and reliably. Our redesigned high-dumping bucket is a sturdy beast of a machine that effortlessly dumps even the heaviest piles of snow while removing packed snow from the road where necessary.

STARK snow and light material buckets are designed to be as strong as possible with no unnecessary weight.

Snow Clearing - Stock products


STARK WBU wing buckets

STARK WBU Wing Bucket is a versatile attachment when plowing large areas and loading snow, wood chips and other material. WBU bucket can be used on tractors, property management machines and wheel loaders.

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Snow Clearing - Project products

Project products are work machines built based on a client’s demands. Products can be modified for various standard machines or work sites.

The STARK Snow Bucket attachment to snow plowing

STARK Snow Buckets

STARK snow buckets are designed for loading snow and other light-weight material. The buckets are made of high-quality materials, with thickness that makes the bucket strong and suitable for professional use. The fixed cutting edge is made of wear steel (500 HB). Thanks to the functional design, the bucket fills and empties easily.

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