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All set to go! STARK road drags come with plenty of equipment as standard, with a wide variety of options available for even more versatile road management. Our patented Crab Steering makes it possible to drive the grader along the middle of the road, making the driver’s work easier as they don’t have to worry about hitting soft road edges. The standard air-filled tire pack packs the graded road surface after leveling. The STARK Road Drags’s exceptional traveling speed of over 10 km/h makes road maintenance considerably faster.


STARK Road Drags TL 4500 & TL 7500

The STARK Road Drags are designed for road shaping, removal of sets of holes and edging. STARK Road Drags are agile thanks to the patented hydraulically turning tire pack, which also enables crab control (“CRAB STEERING”). Thanks to this, soft roads can also be cared for on the road, when it is possible to keep the base machine in the middle of the road. The swivel tire pack is also agile on narrow roads and tight bends, where the outer curve of the road can be swept with a single pull.

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The STARK rear grader product picture, grader set the side

STARK RG 3050 rear grader

Stark Rear grader with wide swivel angles and comprehensive equipment is ideal attachment for agricultural and general use. Optimal design and weight of this drag provide excellent results. Stark back drag is strongly equipped for every season.

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