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Anti-skid Treatment

The STARK attachments help you ensure the best possible results for anti-skid treatment. The unique Precise Spread technology used in our bucket spreaders and towable spreaders ensures a consistent result for the entire distance covered.

A close-fitting structure with the crushing axel ensures a smooth flow of materials through the system along with accurate spreading. The buckets have smooth inner surfaces with a working width less than 10 cm narrower than bucket width, making them the most efficiently dimensioned buckets in the market.

For heavier use, the unique crushed gravel spreader is designed for mines and other worksites where spreading sand is not sufficient. The recommended material size is 8–32 mm but the device is also suitable for spreading sand.

Anti-skid Treatment - Stock products


STARK Bucket Spreaders

ALSO SUITABLE FOR SALTING. The STARK bucket spreader is designed for effective prevention of slipperiness on open areas and roads. Application of dust-binding salt is also possible thanks to the compact construction and PRECISE SPREAD technology.

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STARK Bucket Spreaders HD -models

STARK HK 3600 HD Bucket spreader is efficient and versatile gravel spreader for professional use. Robust structure with high quality components ensure durability of the product. Perfect for crushing plants, mines and other larger construction sites with heavier vehicles. Easy to do maintenance and lubrication enables efficient gravel and rock spreading operation.

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Anti-skid Treatment - Project products

Project products are work machines built based on a client’s demands. Products can be modified for various standard machines or work sites.

The STARK towable spreader spreading sand, galvanised larger size

STARK Towable Spreaders

The STARK towable spreaders are designed for heavy professional use and sanding large areas. A towable spreader is the right choice when a large spreader needs to be attached to a smaller base machine for sanding large areas. Towable spreaders can be used on tractors and property care machines.

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